New view, new life

Elena Belova

I was in the third grade, when a new boy appear to our class. Very soon, he became the object of ridicule. It’s dificult for me to understand why this happened, but almost every day after lessons, when teacher left the classroom, most pugnacious boys began to tease, push him. I wanted to tell the teacher, but I was afraid of her harshness. I saw that new boy very mockingly responded with his offender, although this caused new aggression.

It turned out that this boy is going home along the same road as me. We started coming back together and started getting to know each other more. I felt pity, and I offered him to tell parents about bullying at school.

“My parents said that I had to solve my problems by myself, so they even send me to boxing,” he said.

“Why don’t you hit your offenders, if can box?” I wondered. “I am alone. Honestly, Idon’t feel strong enough, in boxing sometimes I became as a punching bag. You know, sometimes I think about suicide,” he admitted bitterly.

I was only ten years girl and didn’t know what to advice him. I was afraid that our teacher would ignore such problem. I couldn’t forget the case with other boy in our class. He was bylined and his mother asked protection, but teacher prefer to think that it was “no serious problem”. That boy moved to another school.

Soon we moved to Bishkek and I lost connection with hem. I do not know what happened to my former classmate now.

I new school, I myself had to think about whom Iwould have study with. Everything seemed new and everybody was stranger at first. After few times a new freinds appeared, but not only freinds, also haters. I guess that the pupils were divided into two side- pro and against. Given situation would probably worsened but thanks to my teacher Elena Belova everything was solved.

I know that she spoke individually with each of the students, but I don’t know what exactly she said. In resoult the situatio began to change in good.

I think Elena Vladimirovna can subtly feel changes in society through the behavior of childre. She says that children copy the thinking and behavior of their parents.

“I am consern that our society has begun to devide and enmity has begun to grow. We are divided by nationality, social status and even by region. I myself from the South of the countr, when I moved to the capital (Norht) I felt that this is issue might be a reason for “surprise”. This is absurd!’-she said.

I believ that any kind of violence against person be it physycal or mental is not permissible. I strongly do not accept the humaliation or insult of person on the basis of faith, gender, ethnicity etc. I don’t like people who do this, but I still hope that there is a chance for them to stop it and change” she believed.

I like that she never ignores if someone is trying to humiliate somebody. In such situation, she like a Socrates asks question “Do you hate him because he have other opinion? \Why do you think that it is acceptable. Why do think that one nation better than other? And etc. It makes us feel more deeply, think more widely.

Elena Vladimirovna inspires us all to be tolerant and polite.

My name is Aiturgan Osmonalieva. I live in the Kyrgyzstan . it is my first article for publishing.